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Quick guide (vehicles without PIN pad)

We recommend that you read our guide before you start a booking. 

You'll find here instructions for vehicles that have a terminal without a keyboard or screen in the glove box. 

Start the booking to unlock your vehicle
  • In the app, tap ‘Start booking’ to unlock your vehicle.
Before starting your trip, report the state of the vehicle
  • When you start the booking, in the app we ask you to check if your vehicle has new damages and cleanliness issues.   
  • If you find any issues, report them with pictures to avoid charges.
Get the keys and start your trip
  • Find the keys in the terminal inside the glove box. 
  • Use them to lock and unlock your vehicle during the booking.
Car park exit and access
  • If your vehicle is in a car park, drive to the exit and wait for it to open automatically. 
  • If the exit doesn’t open automatically, use the card located in the sun visor.
Fuel is included in all your bookings within the selected mileage package. Beyond the selected mileage package, additional mileage may be charged.
  • To refuel, use the fuel card found in the terminal located in the glove box. 
  • The fuel card works with a PIN code. Check this code by tapping on 'Refuel' in the current booking screen and follow instructions. 
  • Leave at least 1/4 of a tank of fuel when you drop off your vehicle to avoid charges.
Punctuality is good karma. Don't be late!
  • Make sure you return the vehicle on time to avoid charges. 
  • You can only extend your booking if no one else has booked your vehicle later on.
Ending your trip
  • Return the vehicle to the parking space where you picked it up. 
  • In the app, tap ‘Finish booking’ and follow the instructions to lock the vehicle.

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